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Top Weird Funny Dialogues in Bollywood Movies

We all love Bollywood Movies for some reason or the other. Either for the comedy, action, funny characters, funny names but mainly what makes it a memorable one is the dialogues. Bollywood has become synonymous with India for a lot of foreigners. The melodrama, the over-the-top action sequences, the singing in the mountains and dancing on cliffs.

Here are some weird funny bollywood dialogues that will surely you make you laugh :

Tere shareer mein itna khoon nahi hoga … jitna Ravi Kumar ek baar mein moot deta hai.

Just Himesh Reshamiya things.

Doodh mein nimbu jisne daala … paneer uska.

For people who love Akshay Kumar! (Even me :P)

Tum oxygen aur mai double hydrogen. Hamari chemistry bilkul paani ki tarah hai.

H2SO4 se jaala do inko

Namkeen nani,naughty nana hai…Leela ko Ram ke ghar jaana hai.

Nana will be so angry!

Police ki goli me itna loha hai ki ek baar thok diya to khoon me kabhi iron ki kami nahi hogi.

Our own Iron Man !

Rawbert! Is pille ko liquid oxygen me daal do. Liquid isey jeene nahi dega, aur oxygen isey marne nahi dega.

India’s version of breaking bad.

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