Can Secret Superstar RECREATE the Dangal magic?

by Harsh Vardhan Posted on
With Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram leading the communications age, the face of film and celebrity marketing has drastically changed. The transition from journalistic content to citizen journalism has been a very quick one. With surfers generating a lot of content on their own, social media sites and apps have fast emerged the new kings in the business. “After the slump ...
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Top Weird Funny Dialogues in Bollywood Movies

by Gunjan Mohan Posted on
We all love Bollywood Movies for some reason or the other. Either for the comedy, action, funny characters, funny names but mainly what makes it a memorable one is the dialogues. Bollywood has become synonymous with India for a lot of foreigners. The melodrama, the over-the-top action sequences, the singing in the mountains and dancing ...
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