Karan Johar may just save India’s premature babies

by Harsh Vardhan Posted on
Karan Johar is all about ‘family’ and his extended Bollywood family is the who’s who of entertainment. And everyone is pouring in to Mumbai’s Surya hospital to visit his preemies. The paparazzi caught Alia Bhatt  visiting on the night of 27th March. Shah Rukh, Gauri, Ayaan Mukherji and Ranbir Kapoor have all visited Mumbai based ...
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Top Weird Funny Dialogues in Bollywood Movies

by Gunjan Mohan Posted on
We all love Bollywood Movies for some reason or the other. Either for the comedy, action, funny characters, funny names but mainly what makes it a memorable one is the dialogues. Bollywood has become synonymous with India for a lot of foreigners. The melodrama, the over-the-top action sequences, the singing in the mountains and dancing ...
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