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Simple Guide to Natural Eye-care by Centre For Sight

Taking care of the eyes is the most important thing to do for our bodies.

Don’t give your eyes harsh treatment but treat them naturally every day. Natural eye care is the daily and annual routines to adapt to take better care of eyes.

Choose these simple natural methods to keep your eyes healthy and prevent any damage to your vision.

Always avoid rubbing your eyes.

Exercise regularly at an equal interval of time.
Always take breaks from work in front of laptops or computers.
Always wear UV protected glasses or contact lenses to protect your eyes from harsh sun rays.
Quit smoking as it damages the optic nerve.
Eat healthy and eyesight friendly food every day to improve your eye vision.
Maintain a proper distance from all digital screens.
Give your eyes proper rest and sleep enough.
Drink enough water to keep your eyes hydrated.
Avoid using mobile phones or reading while lying on a bed.
Change the towels and linen on a regular basis so that dust is not accumulated causing eye trouble.
Splash your eyes and face with slightly warm water or cold water several times.
Keep couple drops of rose water every day to keep your eyes clean.
Gently press cucumber slices on your eyes for 10 minutes every day to reduce puffiness around the eyes.
Do not read in the dim light as it causes strain on eyes.
Avoid wearing contact lenses or glasses for a long time

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