Sixinch India unveils “Take a seat”, a seat you can easily carry with you wherever you go

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The global leader and manufacturer of high concept foam coated furniture and architectural products; Sixinch India presents “Take a seat” designed by Koen Elsen. The price for the product is on request as it totally depends on the level of customization (shape, size and color).Taking your couch or chair with you to a friend’s place or on the road is often an unrealistic request, but this conveniently portable seat by Sixinch India is making that dream a reality. “Take a seat” is one of the coolest and funkiest pieces in the Sixinch collection. It can be carried anywhere and everywhere like a bag and take a seat wherever one would like. Fun and functional this is your go to product for a movie in the park, a fishing trip, camping or even for a picnic. All the ages and members of the family can easily carry it.


The price for the product is on request as it totally depends on the level of customization (shape, size and color).


The product is available in all colors and finishes

The product is quite comfortable, soft and flexible

The seating is easy to clean and low maintenance

The portable seating design is weatherproof and can be used as an element of outdoor and indoor furnishing

The product can be easily customized as per the consumer needs (size, color, shape)

Sixinch India is the first and only company in India to execute this technology. The products have great offering across various aspects – comfort, texture, design, maintenance, hygiene, functionality, etc. They are perfect for both indoor & outdoor environments and are extremely kid friendly.Their key offering is customization to any shape, design or color with quick production timelines. High quality of production allows the most complicated designs to be coated seamlessly and are easily maintained. Their products are weather proof & UV stable.


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