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Why Are Some People Hesitant To Trust A COVID-19 Vaccine?

Most people think there has never been a successful vaccine for corona viruses, due to a problem unique to corona vaccines called pathogenic priming. In animal trials for previous vaccines, the animals were vaccinated and seemed to have a good antibody response, but upon exposure to the wild virus, developed a paradoxical immune enhancement, leading to severe inflammation in all the organs of their body, and died. There is no way to know if these vaccines cause this because it wasn’t tested for in the trials. History would suggest, however, that it is a significant probability, and we may not know the true negative effects until years down the road when vaccinated persons are exposed to genetically similar versions of corona virus.

Pfizer and Moderna vaccines contain PEGs, which can lead to life-threatening anaphylaxis. Approximately 70% of the US population have PEG anti-bodies, putting them at risk for severe allergic reactions. PEG nanoparticles are also integral components for the state of the art biosurveillance technology, currently being developed by DARPA and other companies like Profusa that are seeking FDA approval.

It is impossible to ascertain long term safety because of the foreshortened timeframe of warp speed. Short term safety is questionable too, as much of the data is still unavailable, and the current reports on safety and efficacy essentially amount to self-reported press releases from these companies themselves.

The efficacy number of 90% for Pfizer and 94% for Moderna, is a statistical trick, reporting relative risk reduction instead of the actual reduction of absolute risk. Also, the trials only assessed these vaccine’s ability to prevent mild symptoms and NOT their ability to prevent transmission. If they don’t prevent transmission (especially when safer, cheaper drugs like Ivermectin do) what’s the point?

These are NOT vaccines in the normal sense. They are mRNA vaccines, a completely different process for achieving disease protection. They are the first of their kind ever to be authorized and distributed to this many people. Those getting vaccinated are essentially phased 4 of the trials. Because of the lack of long term safety assessment and the new nature of this technology, people are participating in a mass human experiment with no way of knowing for sure all the terrible long term health effects these could cause. Many problems from vaccines have an incubatory period and do not manifest until much later on, which is why these need to be tested for years to actually assess risk.

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