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How Madras Meter has grown to be loved by the online Tamil audience?

Until a few years ago, there was barely any popular YouTube channel catering to the Tamil audiences. However, with the arrival of Madras Meter, the Tamil entertainment scene in the digital space began looking up. Established in 2015, Madras Meter is the brainchild of Trendloud, the digital division of the TV veteran Vision Time. Now, as the channel forays into long-form content with their ZEE5 web series Madras Meter Show, the popularity of the brand is reaching a whole new high. 

Right from its initial days, Madras Meter has been clear on its stance – to provide high-quality comedy content for the Tamil audience online. Be it their first video (Velu Bro – Nayagan Returns) or their latest venture Madras Meter Show, the group has always focussed on delivering killer comedy content. 

However, as the group grew from strength to strength, there were few notable instances where they shifted gears from comedy to socially relevant content. One of the best examples would be the Women’s Day video they made in 2016. In the video, they accurately portrayed the fears women still face in cities. 

Eventually, Madras Meter also got involved in some epic collaboration videos for various web series. For example, there was the 360 degree promo they made for Kadamban and the fun videos they made for the ZEE5 web series America Mappillai. 

Such was their popularity that Madras Meter eventually ended up being featured in the YouTube FanFest. Bringing Tamil entertainment to the global stage, the journey of Madras Meter from being a simple YouTube channel to becoming a content force to reckon with is one that makes for an inspiring story. 

Hence, it will be interesting to see what the group manages to pull off with the Madras Meter Show. While comparisons with global influences in satirical news are bound to occur, one must look at Madras Meter Show with an eye for local flavours as that would the trump card for the show. Anyway, going by the current state of Indian regional news, the group should have enough inspiration to pull off rib-tickling satirical content for multiple seasons of their upcoming show. 

There is a lot to speak about Madras Meter but too little time. Hence, we open our comments for you to start an engaging discussion on the journey of Madras Meter. What do you think about the group? Which are your favourite videos of theirs? Most importantly, what do you think about the arrival of their news satire show on ZEE5 ‘Madras Meter Show’? It should be fun to exchange our opinion on this emerging group in the Tamil comedy scene.

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