The Network’s film for World Tuberculosis Day receives acclaim

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TB is one of the deadliest diseases in human history. The M. tuberculosis bacteria that cause it, spreads through the air when an infected person coughs. 

The disease kills almost half a million Indians every year. This comes to 1,400 deaths a day or around one death per minute. India is the world capital of TB, accounting for a quarter of the global burden. 

Dr.Daksha Shah, who heads the Mumbai MCGM’s TB program says, “ Yes, the TB challenge is real. We were looking for a film  that our health workers could use to educate the patients and remove stigma. The Network had worked extensively in the disability sector and understand storytelling. Hence, we approached them to create this film.”

The film has 4 components to it. It has 3 animations

  1. TB: How does it spread
  2. TB: Cough hygiene
  3. TB: Diet and Nutrition
  4. The film that integrates all three animations into a script.
Video links: 
TB: TRAILER Bimar Ko Nahin Bimari Ko Haraiye!

TB: Bimar Ko Nahi Bimari Ko Haraiye


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