This Summer, Cool Down and enjoy with Tupperware Mickey Ice Tup Set

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Summer is one of our favorite seasons not only because it’s hot and sunny but because we get to eat so much ice cream. There’s nothing lovely more than homemade ice cream on a hot summer’s day. Ice cream, just like everything else, always tastes better when homemade.It is in fact easier than we think, all we need are some delicious ingredients along with tupperware mickeyice tups . Mickey ice Tups help make quick, easy and nutritious lollies  and the cool mickey mouse handles make them fun to hold .With set of 6 tups with covers, 6 sticks with mickey mouse handles and a tray,we can create a wide variety of delicious popsicles  by filling the tubs with fruit juice, milk mixes and fruit pulp.

Tupperware is an iconic brand well known for its superior quality and innovative kitchen products. The Tupperware ice tups are artistically designed. It has a base to hold the ice cream moulds together. The handles at the top of the mould are shaped like Mickey Mouse while the ice cream shaped mould gives the impression of the actual ice cream. The primary colours are light brown and yellow. Its unconventional design and colours makes it a charming kitchenware to own and the compact size makes it easy to store.



As the mickey mouse ice cream moulds are made of 100 percent virgin plastic, it is durable and won’t break easily. The compact size and dimension of the ice tups makes it easy to store and maintain. As it is made of plastic, it is also easy to clean.

  • Easy to fill, simple to seal and effortless to remove.
  • Attractive mickey mouse design.
  • Translucent to identify your favorite flavor.
  • Used to make ice lollies and can also be used as an ice tray
  • Set of 6 tups with covers, 6 sticks with mickey mouse handles and a tray.

So Cool Down and enjoy this summer with Tupperware Mickey Ice Tup Set!



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