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Set in the heart of South Delhi, Nueva is a stand-alone up-market Bar & Fine Dining South American/Peruvian Restaurant. With an exotic menu, infused with different flavors and techniques, Nueva is a reflection of regional Cuisine from Chile, Peru, Argentina then through French India and Portuguese and Dutch trade routes through South East Asia.

The unique bar menu is designed for customers who want to eat or snack at the bar without wanting a full meal. The tapas are designed on seasonal and local produce. Strong notes on organic and fresh farm produce.The selection of dishes which have imbibed global cultures over centuries and taking culinary techniques of the past and present and using them to create a new level of experimentation while staying true to the original dish. 

The beautifully crafted restaurant is designed to give three concepts within a single space – Fine Dining at an affordable price, food and service worthy of a Michelin Star restaurant and enhancing the integrity of the cuisine.

The two-floored restaurant has been conceived as a sanctuary for new beginnings, a space for experimentation, connections, and celebrations combined with great cuisine. While the ground floor welcomes guests into a plush lounge and bar, the first floor opens to a cluster of seats and tables designed for an uninterrupted dinning experience. Large glass panels reveal the state of the art kitchen at Nueva, the epicenter of chef Michael Swamy’s innovative cuisine. The plush private dinning area is also situated on this floor and extends the aesthetics of the dinning area further.

Recently I was there to try out their new seasonal menu. We started by ordering Agua & Causa which is mainly mix of mashed potatoes,avocado and prawn and followed it with Chicken piri piri,Fish ceviche,Chilli lime shrimp and Artichoke and I must say every dish that was served tasted awesome.

In between we also tried their mocktails of different tastes (Kiwi,Melon,Mango etc) and the presentation was really cute.It’s a must try in between the dishes.

After this we ordered pea soup which was average as per taste  and “Walk in a forest” (cheddar cauliflower puree and pickled mushrooms with salad leaves)  and I really liked the way this dish was presented, it really makes you feel like you are eating mushrooms in the forest.

In the main course , we ordered Zucchini Lasagne which I will rate as one of the best lasagne I ever had. I consists of layers of zucchini topped with cheese and the taste was great.I will surely recommend this to everyone.I also tried  Pork belly which I feel was done extremely well but I found it little salty.

Post the main course,it was time for desserts and finally we ended our  meal with a cup of  coffee which was brewed infront of us.Service was top notch as well and the server had a good knowledge about all the cuisine that he was serving  which impressed me a lot about this place.

Overall the experience was  perfect and  it really matches to the standards that we can expect from someone like Virat kohli. The service is impeccable and I had the best time at this place. This place is highly recommended! 


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