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How To Save Up To 50% When You Dine With The Eatigo In Pune Or Mumbai

50% discount for restaurants?! Okay, you must be thinking, “What’s the catch?” Ever heard of time-based discounts?

Here is the link :

This is going to sound very exciting. So when you book online and dine at the participating restaurant, your discounts can be anything from 10% to 50%, depending on the time you dine.




Let me use an example. I tried booking for a lunch appointment for 2 at Flavours At Zhongshan Park.

If I make a reservation at the usual 12:30pm, the discount would be 30%.
At a slightly more peak time at 1pm, the discount would be 25%.
BUT if I go at a lesser peak period of 12pm, the discount is 50%!

EVERY restaurant on Eatigo has a 50% slot every day!

10 Reasons You Will Love Eatigo

1. Oh, the convenience. You can reserve via eatigo website, iphone and android applications.

2. Up to 50% discounts. If you go during the off-time peak, you will get higher discount rates! (The other benefit is well, less diners in the restaurant.) Every restaurant on Eatigo has a 50% slot every day.


3. No hidden costs. The discounts apply to every food item on the menu and can be booked at no cost whatsoever.

4. Simple to use. 1) Go to eatigo or download their app IOS or Andriod, 2) search for your favorite restaurants and cuisines, 3) Select your date, time and number of people, and 4) Head down to the restaurant and enjoy your deal! Discounts are automatically applied. No more hassles with coupons and queues.

5. No hassle. Make restaurant reservations online WITHOUT the need to provide credit card details.

6. No need for print-out coupons. Instead you will receive a SMS confirmation or email notification for the reservations.

7. Plenty of dining choices.

Plus there will be new options every week.


8. All time, Every day. Discounts are available all the time.

9. Location based searches. At town and know not where to go, use eatigo’s location based searches to help you find the nearest restaurants with the most affordable discounted rates.



The eatigo business model effectively takes the yield management principles of charging different prices at different times used successfully in the airline and hotel industry and applies them to the F&B sector.

This works perfectly well for me, as I usually have my lunches and dinners during off-peak hours anyway.

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