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We’re told so often that two is better than one. But sometimes, one is all you need. As the temperature dips and we welcome winter across the country, now is the perfect time to bundle up and surround yourself with family, friends and some of your favourite foods. Monkey Bar wants to be part of their party with the “One Bowl Winter” promotion at India’s favourite gastropub in New Delhi from November 15- Dec 30, 2017.  It’s incredible how certain places, people and even sounds take us right back to our childhood. But possibly no other  memory is as powerful as one tied to food. All of us have a special dish that we turn to when we crave something soul-satisfying, full of flavour but without the frills. Something that reminds us of the wholesome cooking full of love that we found in our mothers’ kitchens. That might  bea piping hot Kadhi with fragrant basmati rice and crisp fried bhindi or a creamy Rajmawith some pickled onions. Perhaps it’sKasundi marinated fish, a spicy Chicken Xacutti or maybe even an aromatic Kashmiri Mutton Yakhni.The “One Bowl Winter” promotion, brings back these familiar foods and feelingsin 12 hearty one-bowl meals that are packed with nostalgia.Sometimes you’ve just got to eat your feelings!

Their ode to all things nourishing and plentiful,the ‘One Bowl Winter” promotion is for you, whether you’re looking for a variety of textures and tastes in one bowl or simply something that reminds you of home. Go on this journey with menu that has home-style, Rajma Bowl served with chilli pickle, papad and sirka onions, spicy yogurt, spinach pakoda, tawa aloo and rice or the Kadhi Chawal that comes with karari bhindi, tawa aloo, radish salad, chutney papad and ghee. They have got some unexpected entrants like the Wild Mushroom Khichdi – a perfect marriage of slow-cooked mushrooms in creamy moong dal khichdi, a beautiful reinterpretation of a widely-loved darling. Because, really, what’s life without a few fun surprises. Delicate culinary notes find mention in the classicKashmiri Yakhni, paired with a saffron pulao.Panch Phoron and Kasundi Maach is surmai cooked with Bengal’s famous kasundi mustard and served with gobindobhog rice. But the big and bold come alive in a fiery Goan Xacuti paired with barnyard millets and the Nagarjuna Inspired Chilli Chicken served with Malabari parotta and plantain chips. Bringing some international character to the table is the Moroccan Vegetable Tagine of mixed veggies, chickpeas, prunes, almonds and olives, served with couscous that’ssprinkled with aromatic za’atar and the Korean Bibimbap made with spicy gochujang steak and pink sticky rice, topped with fried eggs.

The Sesame Teriyake Chicken Bowlisteriyaki glazed chicken on a bed of sticky rice with a portion of kimchi and broad beans. There’s also Prawn Pad Thai Noodleswhere flat rice noodles are tossed with prawns, cashews and vegetables in a sweet sour sauce.TheSeafood Linguine sees assorted seafood with garlic, chilli and parmesan.

These 12 one-bowl meals have been created by their chefs, borrowing from family recipes or travels across the world, in a winter promotion that celebrates traditional meals with a touch of gastropub spirit. An opportunity like this allows their chefs to play with various textures, flavours and combinations, putting together a balanced meal that’s every bit as exciting as it is nutritious. This promotion captures what Monkey Bar has always been about – reimagining pub food within a context as rich and complex as Indian cuisine – but with a few innovations, making the creation on your plate a clever and sometimes irreverent rendition of the conventional. This is their way of holidaying on to what’s important, of things we see lost in what can sometimes be a frantic dining-out culture.

Gather with the group that makes your feel your best for an uncomplicated experience that draws the best of winter under one roof, into one bowl. There’s no room for winter woes in here. Winter comes just once a year. But with the right people in the right places and the right ingredients to have a good time, sometimes one is all you need. So shrug off those winter woes and fill up on these warming treats. The best way to lift the spirits when the mercury dips!


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