You are currently viewing Noor movie review: Sonakshi shines in a flawed film

Noor movie review: Sonakshi shines in a flawed film

Movie: Noor

Cast: Sonakshi Sinha, Purab Kohli, Kanan Gill, Shibani Dandekar, Sunny Leone

Noor presents Sonakshi Sinha as the witty, issues-hunting journalist of today in one of the most engaging stories that have witnessed recently.She  plays, perhaps, the most uncharismatic character of her life in Noor. Noor is klutzy, frumpy dissatisfied with her job as a sensation-chasing journalist, and prone to complaining about her weight, her love life, and her life in general.

Based on Pakistani writer Saba Imtiaz’s novel Karachi, You’re Killing Me! the film has been Indianised to suit our sensibilities. And Ishita Moitra Udhwani, who has written the dialogues, or screenplay writers Althea Delmas-Kaushal and Shikhaa Sharma, who co-wrote the adaptation, have transposed it well. A few characters look unreal,and can be fun if one doesn’t have to put up with them too long and if they don’t insist on being taken too seriously. Under Sippy’s direction, the cast has acknowledged the clamoring script with performances that are hard, brittle and strained to the breaking point. Sinha is splendid, except when she is being consciously cute in this disappointingly shallow movie.

Watch Noor only if you are a fan of Sonakshi Sinha!


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