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Two Biggest Disasters This Eid: A Deep Dive into the Causes

This Eid, two major disasters have struck, leaving a deep impact on the communities involved. The first is the box office failure of two highly anticipated Bollywood films, “Bade Miyan Chote Miyan” and “Maidaan”. The second is a tragic train accident in India’s eastern Odisha state, which resulted in the loss of hundreds of lives. Let’s delve into the reasons behind these unfortunate events.

Bollywood’s Box Office Blunder

“Bade Miyan Chote Miyan” and “Maidaan”, two of the biggest ever Bollywood films, were released on Eid 20241Despite the high expectations, both films crashed at the box office, with abysmal collections after an extended weekend1The Eid 2024 week turned out to be one of the worst weeks in the history of Bollywood1.

Several factors contributed to this disaster. Firstly, both films were released simultaneously, leading to a box office clash1. This divided the audience and reduced the potential earnings for each film. Secondly, the films failed to resonate with the audience, leading to poor word-of-mouth and negative reviews1.

The financial losses for both films are estimated to be in excess of 270 crores1“Maidaan” suffered more due to higher interests from multiple delays and lesser non-theatrical recovery1

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