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Healthy Snacks for office going people. What to eat during working hours?

As busy professionals we cannot afford to even waste a single second of our work time and in the process one of the many ways we all try to save a little more time is by eating our lunches at our desks and having snacks. There are also days when we work through the lunch breaks and keep on going even without breaking for snacks.

Well, whatever may be the reasons, our health counts on many aspects? If we are not healthy, we can’t work and without work we cannot sustain anything in life. A healthy and a happy lifestyle is all about balance and making healthy choices. There are few things we could surely do, however busy we are to keep ourselves healthy to power us throughout the day.

Whether is to maintain an ideal weight, or keep our memory sharper, improving concentration and even for satiety, choosing some healthy snacks to munch on and keep in our cupboards plays a vital role in our day to day life. The two things we should never miss out on and set aside some time out of our schedule are – eat and take time to really enjoy our food for lunch and choose healthy snacks composed of foods to fit into your daily diet like fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, and yogurt.

Here are some great snacking ideas that we should consider while stocking them up for snacking:

  • Roasted Channa: it has the capacity to do wonders. It contains important vitamins like thiamine and minerals like magnesium. It is also full of fibers and almost nil in calories. It is not only healthy but keeps you full for long.
  • Seeds and Nuts: Easy to store and non-messy, seeds are a great source of proteins. Pumpkin and sunflower seeds are great options. Nuts like almonds and cashewnuts are great combined sources or proteins and fats keeping you energetic and sharp through the day. They are enriched with vitamin E.
  • Puffed Rice Cakes: a good option for working professional to munch on, is tasty and a healthy option. Low in calories and fats will never let you gain weight and help you stay full while working for long hours.
  • Some plain Fruits: it is so well said, that whenever you are confused about what to eat, just grab a fruit and you will never go wrong. It helps boosting immunity and is blessed with lesser calories to keep you off from putting on weight.
  • Whole Wheat Crackers: this nutrient rich snack option has a perfect combination of complex carbohydrates and proteins that helps keeping your blood sugar levels stables and also keeps you full and satisfied for long.

The key reasons why healthy snacking should be a custom of every workplace

A good way of developing good snacking habits at every office is to get surrounded with healthy snacks. While there are different kinds of personalities in an office, everyone will agree that maintaining healthy atmospheres in the workplace has many benefits.

  • Nutritional advantages: nourishing and healthy snacking options increases the intake of valuable nutrients.  Making some smart snacking decisions will certainly help in reducing your nutritional gap and as well as improve the overall quality of the diet.
  • More energy: opting to have high-fiber and high-protein snacks takes longer to digest which means that blood sugar levels will not fluctuate as much as choosing to have a snacks high in sugar. Healthy snacks not only helps keeping energetic, but also keeps you full for longer.
  • Improves cognitive functions: when we avoid food and feel hungry, the body glucose levels drops making you irritable and snappy. Replenishing the body with healthy snacks helps in retaining focus and alertness.


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