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Add These 10 Amazing Bars To Your Travel Bucket List

Northern Lights Bar


This bar located in Iceland gives its customers a perfect view of the Northern Lights. It is an amazing piece of architecture within one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. 

The Water And Wind Bar


The Water and Wind Bar sits in the middle of a lake in Binh Duong Province in Vietnam.


Ball Pit Bar




Ball pits seem like something you may not be able to enjoy anymore, but you are wrong. There is place in San Francisco is a ball pit and bar in one. 

Blue Frog Lounge



The Blue Frog Lounge gets its name from the layout of the bar. The bar, located in Mumbai, looks like a bunch of lily pads laid out throughout the establishment. 

Alien Bar



If you’ve ever seen the movie “Alien,” you know where this bar got its name. It is in Switzerland and is covered with H.R. Giger vertebrae. It is a must-see for lovers of the artist. 

Hotel Edelweiss


Hotel Edelweiss is settled in the mountains of Switzerland. The balcony area of the bar provides some of the best views in the world. 

The Ice Bar


The Ice Bar is located in Quebec and, you guessed it, is made of ice. The entire bar is filled with art structures. The floor, bar, and chairs are made of ice. 

Sunland Pub


South Africa has famous trees called baobab trees, which are known for their huge size. They are so huge that the Sunland Pub calls a tree a bar. Yes, the bar is inside a tree.

Red Sea Bar



The Red Sea Bar is located in Israel. The entire bar is underneath underwater. You can watch sea creatures swim by as you enjoy your drink.

White Rabbit


Moscow is home to the White Rabbit Bar and Restaurant. It provides a panorama view of different parts of the huge city.


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