You are currently viewing Actress Adah Sharma & Mrs. Earth Priyanka Khurana Goyal graced Fashion exhibition Khwaish at The Grand

Actress Adah Sharma & Mrs. Earth Priyanka Khurana Goyal graced Fashion exhibition Khwaish at The Grand

A fashion and lifestyle exhibition was organized by RAV fashions at The Grand in Vasant Kunj on Sunday, August 20th.

The event showcased some of the latest trends and the best designers from various parts of the country. The exhibition, titled “Khwaish” brought together designers with fields of specialty ranging from apparel, jewellery to home furnishings and accessories.

Chief guest, Bollywood actress Adah Sharma provided a touch of glamour and class as she inaugurated the event. Also present was the guest of honour, Priyanka Khurrana Goyal winner of the Mrs. Earth 2015 pageant, looking elegant and stylish as ever.

Their ravishing looks and humble attitudes were something that drove the crowd. Organized in association with, Khwaish was a tremendous success. The organizers invited over 50 leading designers, including popular names like Cocoon, H2 – Bharat Reshma and Shivani Jain. There was something for everyone, ranging from makeup, hair and beauty products, to accessories and tarot reading.

The exhibitors held a world class collection with an outfit for every occasion and the products for any category. The RAV Fashions had decided to hold the event on a Sunday and have complimentary entry to the event, thus providing many people opportunity to experience the latest designs and trends in the lastest fashion and lifestyle trends. Groups of young women, budding designers, were seen exploring the various offerings at Khwaish.

The RAV Fashions chose Hit 95 FM as their media partner, which enabled them to reach a large number of people who were interested in the event. They also paid attention to their social responsibility by partnering with an NGO called Sparsh that supports children with special needs

Based on the success of this event, The RAV Fashions is considering the idea of another fashion and lifestyle exhibition in the future.

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