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5 things you should do to prevent cancer

Preventing the risk of cancer may be easier by bringing some changes in diet or life style. There are several important things we need to take care of to controlling the disease. Well, it is vital to maintain your health first with healthy diet and it requires some changes in the eating habits as well.

  • Prevent Cancer with Exercises

Exercise is the best way to improve your health and can prevent certain types of cancers as well. It recommends that 30 min is the minimum time; everyone can exercise to stay fit. Moderate exercise will help to improve cardiovascular health. This will prevent colon cancer. However, some activities like gardening or walking can prevent the risk of lung cancer.

  • Include lots of Fruits & Vegetables in your Meal

A healthy diet is beneficial for several reasons. Fresh fruits and green vegetables are the best things , which will lower the risk of cancer. Vegetables and fruits contain anti-oxidant properties which will help to repair the damaged cells in the body. Super foods like broccoli, carrot, cabbage are rich in vitamins and fibers and being proven to fight against the deadly disease.

  • Cut Down Processed Food & Limit Red Meat

According to several researches, it is being found that animal fats can increase the risk of several cancers like colon cancer. However, the maximum intake of red meat can be the factor of causing cancer. It is always important to minimize the intake of those kinds of foods and live cancer free life.

  • Avoid Smoking

Everyone knows smoking is injurious to health. By eliminating smoke, we can prevent cancer. Even you have smoked for 20, 30 or more than this it has never been so late to quit smoking. Your body will get the benefits after you quit smoking and you can control the risk of the cancer as well.

  • Alcohol Intake Should be Limited

Excessive consumption of alcohol can cause cancer. The risk of colorectal cancer will be high in consuming alcohol. In fact, who consume alcohol in daily basis; there will be a more risk of cancer. Seek alcohol treatment and cut down the alcohol consumption. This will help to balance your health and you will lead a healthy life.

It is vital to follow these essential factors to prevent cancer. Well, it is not so difficult to prevent cancer and with these simple tips, you can prevent the disease.

The article is authored by famous Dietitian Sheela Seharawat. She is one of the youngest successful entrepreneur of India and founder & chief mentor of Diet Clinic Health Care Pvt Ltd 

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