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5 Reasons Not to Miss BuddyDaddy Family Bash

November is about to begin and that means BuddyDaddy Family Bash, India’s biggest and most exciting family entertainment festival is near! In a world where everyone is busy and families don’t really spend time together, the festival has fabulous entertainment for every member of the family with thrilling live shows and dazzling performances ranging from art, dance, science, music to a Disney styled circus parade. It is one of the most fantastic ways families can spend time together and here is why-
1.Stunt groups straight from New York,USA
The festival will host not one, but two different stunt groups from New York- a BMX Biking group and a Rollerblading group. These groups will be performing gravity defying stunts, jumping off of ramps, doing 360 degree flips, racing from here to there and God knows what more! So prepare to be amazed experience the thrill!
2. Your Kid’s real life heroes!
If you’re looking for a fun but also an educational time with your child, you should definitely visit the festival. BuddyDaddy Family Bash has got a great concept and an even better line-up. The Science Guy- Shaurya Rastogi (as seen on ZeeQ’s ‘Engineer This’) and the Art Guy- Gaurav Juyal (as seen on Disney’s ‘Art Attack’) will be conducting live shows, inspiring kids to explore their creativity and trust us, your kids will love this!
3.Most exciting family day out!
How often do you see or experience new things with your family? If your answer was ‘not often’ then you should definitely come to this festival, because the festival will be hosting the BuddyDaddy signature circus parade (one of a kind in India), 9 different types of dance forms performed live in front of you, live science experiments, sand art, speed painting, robotics and so much more!
4.Live Music,Good Food,Shopping too!
What better way to laze around with your family than to enjoy a live Bollywood mashup in the evening where you can grab some delicious dish from the food zone and dance to the best Bollywood numbers sung live in front of you. There is also a flea market where who knows you might find what you’ve been looking for
5.100+ Live shows.Only one ticket
We will not kid you but more than 100+ live shows can be attended at the festival with just one single ticket.Yes! All art, science, music shows, the stunt performances, the Disney styled circus parade, all of it can be availed with a single ticket. And you know what? Kids below 5 years get FREE entry!

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