5 Craziest Murder Motives In History

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A Shopping Addiction


American serial killer Dana Sue Gray murdered three elderly women and attempted to kill a fourth in 1994, all so she could steal their money and credit cards to go on shopping sprees. She plead guilty, but claimed she had an addiction and could not control her urge to shop. She was sentenced to life in prison without a chance at parole


A Serious Hero Complex




Richard Angelo, “The Angel of Death,” was a nurse for Good Samaritan Hospital in Long Island. He felt he wasn’t praised enough for all his “hard work” and “valuable contributions,” so he decided to start killing patients and then save them so everyone would think he was a hero. 

He would poison his patients with a drug called Pavulon, which causes paralysis and in some cases death. The patients would go into cardiac arrest and Angelo would swoop in and save their lives in front of an audience of colleagues… except it’s believed he forgot to save anywhere from 25 to 35 of them. He was sentenced 50 years to life in prison in January 1990.  

To Win Jodie Foster’s Heart—Why Else?


John Hinckley Jr. saw Jodie Foster in “Taxi Driver” and it was love at first sight. He tried multiple times to contact her and ended up moving to New Haven, Connecticut to stalk her while she was as Yale. He even enrolled at Yale, taking a writing class to hone his skills, writing her creepy poems that he’d slip under her door. He fantasized about all the ways he’d get Jodie Foster’s attention and settled on assassinating the president to secure himself a place in history—and a mental ward. 

No one was killed during Hinckley’s assassination attempt on March 30, 1981, but quite a few people were injured and Reagan was seriously wounded by a bullet that hit him in the chest. Hinckley didn’t even try fleeing the scene and was arrested immediately. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia and found not guilty by reason of insanity. 
Prior to the assassination attempt, Hinckley wrote this to Jodie Foster: “Over the past seven months I’ve left you dozens of poems, letters and love messages in the faint hope that you could develop an interest in me. Although we talked on the phone a couple of times I never had the nerve to simply approach you and introduce myself…The reason I’m going ahead with this attempt now is because I cannot wait any longer to impress you.”
On July 27, 2016, a federal judge ruled that Hinckley was no longer a danger and signed off on his release. Hinckley was released September 10, 2016, with the conditions that he stay away from Jodie Foster and anyone from the Reagan family. He is also restricted to a 50-mile radius of his mother’s house.

The Looming Nazi Threat



Richard Trenton Chase was an American serial killer nicknamed “The Vampire of Sacramento” because he drank the blood of his victims and cannibalized their remains. His first victim was on December 29, 1977 and he went on to kill five more people in the following month, consuming as much of their remains as he could. What was the reason he gave after being apprehended? Nazis with superpowers forced his hand—naturally. 

He thought the Nazis hid poison in his soap dish and were trying to turn his blood to powder, so to stay alive, he had to consume the blood and flesh from others. Apparently, a Nazi UFO was stalking him and he asked interviewer Robert Ressler to get him a radar gun, so he could apprehend the Nazi UFO and have them tried for his crimes (since it was really all their fault in the first place). During this interview, he also pulled out gobs of macaroni and cheese from inside his pants and gave it Ressler, claiming the Nazis were trying to poison his prison food as well. 

Chase was tried in 1979 on six counts of first-degree murder. On December 26, 1980, a prison guard found Chase dead in his cell. The autopsy revealed he overdosed on his prescribed anti-depressants—or maybe the Nazis finally poisoned him

Over Concert Tickets


In 2011, a 39-year-old man named Robert Lyons smashed a bottle over his mother’s head and stabbed her in the back so hard the blade broke off. But he didn’t stop there; he grabbed another knife and kept stabbing her—nine times to be exact. After killing her, he went under the sink and grabbed various cleaning products to throw at/on her, not in efforts to clean, just to continue assaulting her. Then he just went out shopping and was arrested at Hooters. What caused this massive explosion? She refused to get him Skybox tickets for an Avril Lavigne concert in Chicago. He suffered from bi-polar disorder, but insisted that wasn’t why he killed her. He was convicted and sentenced to 40 years in prison.


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