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Update your spring/summer wardrobe with these cool footwear styles

Ladies, spring is here so take this opportunity to enjoy the sunnier side of the year before the sun god starts getting furious on us and we limit our outings to night only. There are plenty of styles to choose from but only the coolest ones will guarantee a place in our footwear collection because our feet must also feel the air. Browse through the following styles and get ready to put some spring in your steps.

1. Fun and Stylish Flats
Fun flats are perfect for a summery look. So if you want to make your feet happy try to amp up your go-to flats by incorporating the season’s trends including pom pom, beads and colourrful ribbons.


2. Backless Loafer
Backless loafer also known as loafer slides are here to offer you the much needed update on loafers. Just slip on and go and let your footwear do the rest of the talking. The open back will keep your feet dry and comfortable while also making it easy to take it off.


3. Shower Shoes and Flip Flops
If you thought that flip flops and shower shoes are too basic and doesn’t have a place outside the bathroom then you have got it all wrong. Go for embellishments and fun colour and you will be able to find some classy pieces to make the most of your spring/summer wardrobe.


4. Straps are Cool
Suddenly your wardrobe has replaced the long overcoats and cute pullovers with flowy maxi dresses and sexy hot pants and a pair of boots will only spoil the spirit of the season. So why not update your closet with some of the coolest ladies footwear online available out there. A solid coloured strap sandals is soon going to become your go-to-footwear as it can very well work with almost everything be it shorts or cool summer dresses.

5. Love for Sneakers
Your spring/summer wardrobe will be incomplete without a good pair of sneakers. Go experiment with colours and patterns because you don’t really have to stick to just white. Sneakers are one such cool style that looks great with almost everything. So whether you are wearing a T-shirt dress, a slip, long skirt or jeans or anything else, they will work perfectly fine with all your summer pieces.


6. The Heart is in the Detail
The importance of little details is emphasized time and again. So how can you escapee them when it comes to footwear. So this season pay attention to the details whether it is a delicate embroidery details or beautiful appliqués.


7. Shoes with Cut out Details
Shoes are crucial in deciding your overall looks. Therefore it is important to put some effort in choosing one and what could be better if you make your feet happy in the process. Opt for shoes with cut out details and give your feet some breathing space.


8. Lace up Heels
A lace up heel is needed to bring that much needed element of drama and style to your summer style and if you are good at noticing you won’t mind the few extra inches of height given to you as a bonus. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, find a stylish pair and dress your little black dress to look chic and stylish whatever be the occasion.


9. Print a Pattern
Pattern play is not only restricted to clothes but can also give your footwear the much needed oomph. This spring make way for printed shoes featuring bold graphics and bright colours and give yourself some major style update.

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