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6 Awesome Tips to ensure you get your hands on the correct size shoes

As a parent, you want to buy shoes for boys or girls that give them nothing but comfort. It has to be the perfect pair that isn’t too tight or loose for them. Many times parents think that it would be a cakewalk for them to choose the footwear once their child reaches a certain age; however, it is not that simple. You need to communicate with your child to understand their safety and comfort. 

Understand The Measurements Of Your Child: Many brands have come up with a chart to understand the average size of the child as per their age. But it is important to note that this chart is created based on the average, not the actual size of your child. So it is advised to map their size with measurements provided in the chart without blindly following it. If you follow this method, you will definitely get your hands on the perfect pair of shoes for boys.

Let Them Pick The Footwear: There are a variety of shoes for boys that you will find in the market or even online, depending on where you plan to buy from. So instead of you getting confused with the plethora of options, it is better if you guide them to choose the right shoe. Then, as you want them to pick an option that is functional and stylish, you can play the pros and cons in front of them and explain them in detail. This activity helps in letting them learn decision-making. 

Pay attention to the Material and Build of the Shoe: When you start buying shoes for boys, you must get lightweight shoes so that they can walk comfortably in them. Many people prefer the velcro-based cloth shoes for boys as the first shoe for the child as they are adjusted as per their feet and are very light in weight. You might want to introduce them to different materials such as faux leather or rubber as they grow old. Having versatility in the materials of footwear is equally important as it builds a palette and habit for them. 

Check The Size With The Finger Method: Once you get the shoes, ask your little one to try them on, you get to understand how easily they can be worn and removed. To know if it is the right fit for their feet, you need to place your little finger inside the shoe at the back where you have the heel to understand if they have some extra space to move their feet. You must only use the little finger as it won’t take much space, on the contrary, the other fingers will give you the wrong judgement. It is vital to have this extra space as this confirms their feet will have space for air to circulate. 

Just keep these tips in mind when buying shoes for your little one so that they will help you make the right choices. 

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