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Top Five Web Original Series you Must Watch

A young audience are now tired with daily TV soaps and is hooked to the web series. There are many options in web series now a days and we bring you top five web original series you must watch right away.

Official Chukyagiri by Arré: This is the story of a recent college pass out Spandan Chukya, who interns at an MNC. We see the corporate world though his eyes – the ideals that he comes with after completing an MBA, in contrast to the big bad world of business management


It’s Not That Simple by Voot: Actor Swara Bhaskar’s web series debut, It’s Not That Simple, traces the story of every urban marriage. Four characters – Meera, Jayesh, Sameer and Rajiv attend a harmless school reunion. Their lives take a turn for the worse as their personal relationships – marriage, love and friendship – are tested. The series is a first person narrative by Meera, who takes the audience on her journey of self-discovery.


Its My City by nexGTv :A web-series about four whacked out crazy bunch of girls, and their journey as they find their space in a new city, away from their hometowns. They are here for making a career, finding love, and finding themselves.


Lost and Found by Sony LIV:Super-geeky boy (think Tony Stark, without the charisma, charm or the money) meets street-smart girl, in this series by Sony. The story follows the adventures of Jay Veer Rathore (portrayed by Faraz Khan) – a nerd who prefers the company of machines over humans and, Preeti Tandon (portrayed Poppy Jabbal) who runs away from her own wedding, leaving her family and groom-to-be in a state of chaos.


Shaadi Boys by Voot: Movie buffs Neil, Nitin and Mukesh (yes, they are three different characters inspired by the Bollywood actor and Twitter’s favourite troll victim) decide to start a wedding filming and choreographing company – Shaadi Boys. They get their first gig at a high profile Delhi wedding. Chaos ensues when the bride-to-be falls in love with one of them.


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