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Recently I was invited by the most happening destination in DLF CyberHub Gurgaon that brings together entertainment, food and drinks under one roof so that you have an entire day of fun, laughter and relaxation. The place is really very well decorated and has a stunning visual appeal to it.


A creation by Amar Agrawal, a stalwart of the fashion sector, it was the inception of Canvas Laugh Club in 2010 that marked his entry into the entertainment sector, leading to the birth of India’s first stand-up comedy club in Mumbai. This year Mr. Agrawal took this exciting concept to a whole new level with a 360 degree entertainment venue known as People & Co. This venue invites you to catch the latest in stand up comedy, new musicians, live acts showcased in a state of the art theatre, while you sip on unique cocktails in a fully equipped bar and proceed to indulging in dining at the restaurant. All within one venue! A zone that allows people to be themselves hence the name ‘People & Co’, so the element is all about fun and leaving the world behind!

The three elements of the People & Co. experience include –

Canvas (hosting Canvas Laugh Club), a space for roaring performances like stand-up comedy, musicals concerts, fashion shows and theatre. It is currently the only club in the Delhi NCR dedicated to the comedy genre with purpose built acoustics to enhance the experience of watching live stand-up comedy. 

Plate, a chic restaurant that brings together a plethora of progressive world cuisines and the chefs decide what they feel like ‘cooking’. Plate believes in preparing a piece of art instead of just another meal and make sure you are in for a delicious surprise that leaves you craving for more.

Public is a bar and open space, which opens up in the promenade, as the name suggest, is accessible to anyone and everyone. An all-day wine and coffee bar, the stage is open to an impromptu jazz set with mature and amateur musicians.


The Canvas laugh club houses the best of the best stand up comedians from around the country.The comedy show was so hilarious.For me It is the perfect place to make weekends more special with food, drinks & standup comedy shows

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The service is absolutely fantastic.It is very quick and prompt.The Staffs are  friendly and courteous.I Won’t mind visiting them again for food,ambience and most importantly their standup comedy shows.


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