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The Art Hub, one of the most professional  & innovative Art School has opened in the Capital.

“The Art Hub, where ART comes right from the HEART”, says its Founder Bhavna Minocha. Being herself an Artist as well as Curator,  she   represents and promotes Indian Contemporary Art and Artists under the brand “Poetry in Frames”, by organizing innovative and meaningful art exhibitions. Having been associated with art on a personal level as an art collector, it has always been her dream to be involved with the art world in a professional way. She believes in Art that explores new frontiers and celebrates individuality.

The Art Hub is located in the heart of South Delhi in an area covering over 5000 sq.ft of covered & open spaces with an open aerial artistic view of temples & old monuments. The spacious studio is divided into independent sections for all classes including an art gallery which showcases artworks by the students of The Art Hub.

Be it a young kid or an old granny, an Art enthusiast or a Corporate Professional, there’s a tailor made program for each one of them.

The Art Hub  is not an average Art School, It’s a place where you hone your artistic skills with the help of an expert team of instructors qualified from India’s top Art College,  followed by a session from a famous & renowned artist of India sharing their experience and advice to the students.     It offers customized art workshops in a creative environment that supports the artistic journey of each student. One can enhance his/her creativity process through a study of the physical realities of Painting, Drawing & Sketching, Sculpture Making and Photography.



The upbeat art studio is also a place for an Art Novice who wants to use Art as a medium for fun, distressing and exploring his/her creative aspect. It’s a place where you relax, unwind, learn and explore through the medium of ART. A place where you can be your true self, feel inspired and express yourself in your creativity guided by the experts who specialize in drawing out the artist from within you.  



From Arty Parties for Fun Lovers to Art Therapies for unwinding, Book Reading Sessions wherein using Art as a medium to inspire book reading among kids, to organizing Art Oriented TEAM-Building Workshops for Corporates. 

“Our mission is for you to relax, be your true self, feel inspired and express yourself in your creativity. Our expert team of instructors are qualified from India’s top Art Colleges who specialize in drawing out the artist from within you” adds Bhavna.

Enjoy one-of-a-kind art classes as you explore your self-expression, creativity and artistic techniques. Let go of daily stresses and express yourself authentically as you let our expert art instructors nurture you with inspiration that we provide. We guarantee to transform you….both on and off the canvas.


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