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High 5, a newly launched Café by the owner Mr. Prashant Karan is a perfect space for celebrations and rejoicings in Hauz Khas. It is a multi-cuisine Cafe with scintillating and rocking music and also its proximity to the avant-garde promenade sitting gives it an opportunity to be a brilliant setting for private parties.



HIGH 5 is a space with cool old world charm that is a Cafe by Day & Lounge by Night. HIGH 5 in Hauz Khas Village is a happening bar and an interesting restaurant. The café and bar look like two different spaces merged into one, the café part has wall art and cartoons and the bar part has all kinds of beverages aligned methodically. HIGH 5 is a kind of place which gives you the freedom, music and service to enjoy in a fun way.


The entertaining music is equally kept alive with mouthwatering authentic delicacies of High 5 Café cuisines. The versatile kitchen set-up can dish up finger-licking varieties transcending cuisines from traditional Indian (various genres) to Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Oriental and Indian, along with casual dining space area that forces you to have and taste the most appetizing Café High 5 Chef scrumptious specialties, prominently Paneer Tikka Shahslik with crushed Papad, Galouti Mutton with Ulte Tawa Paratha and many more.

Owner Prashant Karan says” High 5 is the first step towards being a restaurateur. High 5 is not just a Café; it’s a meeting place, a point where art meets the enthusiast; it’s a forum to exchange ideas from around the world. Here at High 5, we aim to take you on a sensory journey to satisfy your sense of sight, sound, smell, taste and feel.”


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