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Review : Spider Man No Way Home is Phenomenal Conclusion

Spider-Man: No Way Home is a phenomenal conclusion to the trilogy and Holland’s best outing as Spidey yet. Starts off fun, safe and familiar and then becomes extremely emotional, satisfying and full of great callbacks. A love letter to all things Spider-Man.

Tom Holland gives an incredible lead performance once again but with a lot more emotional heft this time around. Zendaya and Jacob Batalon both have perfect chemistry with Holland and are also incredible in their own ways.

Benedict Cumberbatch reaffirms why he’s such a good Doctor Strange with his excellent dry wit and gravitas. All the returning villains give strong performances but Willem Dafoe is definitely the standout performance with an unsettling and terrifying presence.

Jon Watts’ direction is superb, the action sequences are thrillingly acrobatic once again, there’s a few homages to the styles of the previous iterations and some gorgeous images. It’s also perfectly paced with none of its roughly 2hr 30 minute runtime feeling dull or overly long.

The CG is extremely impressive with next to no weak spots. The music by Michael Giacchino is fantastic, a nice balance of themes from the previous ones and use of Holland’s iconic motifs which are slightly altered in ways that work.

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