You are currently viewing Movie Review Annabelle Creation : Scary and very well done!

Movie Review Annabelle Creation : Scary and very well done!

Having seen 2014’s Annabelle which to be honest was mediocre at best, we get a prequel (not a sequel) to the 2014 film which branches out from “The Conjuring Universe” as it were. 

So just like with Ouija: Origin of Evil, this film is a prequel. Annabelle came out in the same Ouija did & that film was ace, despite the unacceptable hate it has for it.

So this film tells the events leading up to the doll in the first place, basically. Annabelle is killed via getting hit by a car. Her father creates the “Annabelle” dolls. So although she isn’t evil or vindictive, an evil spirit manipulates the grieving couple into thinking Annabelle wants to form of the doll so they can be together forever, when in fat its the evil spirit wanting to take human form instead, of the doll & then the girls later on in the film. So that’s the sort of plot in a sense. 

The film was pretty good! Packed with jump scares! Gory enough! & well, was a bigger improvement to Annabelle in 2014, which wasn’t all that great in all fairness! But it was OK to say the least! But I didn’t care much for the sequel (prequel) as I more prefer slashers over supernatural type films! But upon learning it was a prequel it did sound somewhat interesting & wasn’t going to get my hopes up for it! 100% on RT is a over statement, but this film was pretty sinister & dark! The end part which ties up the events from the first film was good, though I didn’t know it was the stock footage from the first Annabelle film, until I realised but it was 3 years ago & I didn’t care too much for the film. 

Overall, this was a pretty solid film! 8/10!

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