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I love traveling. It brings out the best in me. However, off late, I have noticed something. Global warming is not only affecting the weather but our environment as a whole. I grew up in a time where there were lush green trees around my house and beautiful clear skies. Today, all I can see is the concrete jungles everywhere and no space for fresh air. Somewhere, we are directly and indirectly responsible for not taking care of our environment.

If there is someone who is most affected by increasing global warming and side effects of the same, are the birds. Have you noticed that we don’t see some common birds around us anymore? I rarely see any sparrows, mynahs, parrots around Mumbai. That is because they have eithermigrated to a place that’s suitable for them or they are gradually getting extinct. I’m afraid but they are rarely noticeable around.

Learning and observing this, I decided to do something for the birds and there could’nt have been a better day, than today! It is World Environment Day and I thought of doing my bit for nature. My team and I placed more than 500 clay pots filled with fresh water for birds all across South Mumbai. Majority of the birds die or lose their ability to fly due to dehydration. I was contented to see our little flying species quenching their thirst.

Birds and other wildlife being affected due to rapidly changing weather conditions and human actions is not just a problem in Mumbai but is observed all across the globe. According to a report by the United Nations, 3.5% breed of birds were already extinct. 23% of threatened birds whose distributions or migration may have been negatively impacted by climate change already.

Global warming has become a major driver of decline of various bird species, be it global or domestic, by shifting or shrinking the local climates that they have evolved to survive in.

If we cannot do anything major to prevent this, we sure can do our bit that might help sustain the birds and wildlife. Let’s keep waters on our window panes or in our balconies for birds to hydrate.Small steps and actions make a great difference to the environment. It is time we give back our bit to nature. Happy World Environment Day to all!

This article has been authored  by Krupa Shah, Abstract Artist and Philanthropist.
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