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Recently I got an Invite from Gadre Seafoods for their official launch of Crabsticks at Cafe Public Connection.Being a Foodie,I was Very much Excited to be a Part of this Event .

We First Started With Lobster Bites and After that We tried Coconut Soup with Crabsticks which was unique as I have never tasted this type of Soup earlier.

From Being a Small Fish Packing Unit,Gadre invested in state-of-the-art machines to automate the manufacturing process and consistently deliver high quality frozen seafood products. By 1999, they garnered a reputation of being a trusted manufacturer and exporter of frozen seafood. From South Korea, Japan and Malaysia, to Taiwan and Australia, Gadre Marine soon became a notable player in the industry. In 2004, under the leadership of their Managing Director, Arjun Gadre, they set up a Surimi Value Added products plant and manufactured a wide range of products including marinated ready-to-cook fish and cut n clean raw fish.

Some of their products are:

Crab Claw – The authentic Crab Flavour is Combined with Crispy Bread Coating  to Create a Dish and Flavour

Masala Prawns – Authentic Konkani Masalas combine with Prawns to create an exceptional flavour in this marinated ready-to-cook favourite

Crab Cakes – Crab Meat and Various Other Ingredients such as  Bread Crumbs,Milk eggs and Seasonings.

Today, Gadre Marine is the 3rd largest Surimi manufacturer in the world. They have three plants, one in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, and one each in Chorwad, Gujarat, and Brahmavar, Karnataka. Through their pursuit of excellence, the company has made a mark on the global map with quality products at a competitive price. They now aim to focus on the Indian market, and believe their frozen seafood is in line with the taste of modern Indians, who like to experiment and look for simpler and healthier food options.


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