Is Clash of Clans Best Android Game?

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This game is probably the only game that is completely wholesome.

  • It is addictive, but you don’t spend a lot of time everyday. I spend around 1 hour on an average per day, which consists of 5 – 10 minutes of continuous play every time.
  • You have a village, in which you train troops to attack others and have defences to protect your treasures from others. You use elixir and coins that you collect from the ground to upgrade your troops and defences. This makes it a long term game since during the later levels, a single upgrade can take around 2 weeks to happen.
  • You attack other villages (multiplayer) to loot their resources. When you attack, you get stars based on your attack. 
    • 1 star for destroying the Town Hall (the main building in the village).
    • 1 star for destroying 50% of the village.
    • 1 star for destroying 100% of the village.
  • Clan Wars are a major part of the game. You are a part of a clan which goes to war with another clan. You can attack 2 villages from the other clan. The clan with the higher number of stars at the end of the 2 day long war wins. The members of the winning clan get lots of loot.
  • You can also donate troops to other clan members. This way, you can help lower Town Hall levels grow faster. There are positions in the clan as well, such as leader/co-leader/elder, which have different duties and responsibilities. This inculcates a feeling of social responsibility and belonging.
  • If you are willing to spend money, you can purchase Gems online to increase your village’s growth speed. (Personally, I haven’t purchased any ever!)
  • The different choices troops and types of attacks makes this game intellectually involving. Depending on the layout of the enemy village, you can plan your attack accordingly.

If played correctly and with patience, this game can prove to be the best mobile game you played.


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