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Steeped in rich history and tracing back to the 1890s, The Hillcart Tales began with a spark of idea in Mr. Ashutosh Ghosh’s mind. Spanning across generations, their tryst with teas began when Mr Ghosh set up his first enterprising venture – A. Tosh & Sons (India) Limited in the then British occupied Calcutta.

This was the humble beginning which grew into a booming tea business and now they proudly cater to more than 40 destinations worldwide. What makes them a renowned supplier of fine tea is their enchanting melody of flavours blended with the perfect taste, all culminating in a rich full- bodied cup of perfect tea.The legacy of 120 years reflects in all of their products.

The Hillcart tales offers plethora of options for all tea lovers.Sourced from treasured gardens around the world, their limited harvest teas are known for their unique blend, each representing the top grade of their variety. As I explored I became more and more interested in learning about their rich history, their masterful techniques of blending which creates the unique teas, and their delicate craft of presentation and packaging.

Apart from the ordinary black and green teas, they also provide a delectable range of Dessert teas known for their sinful indulgent flavour. The range includes such varieties like- Tiramisu Delight, Apple Strudel, Lemon Cake, Caramel Dream, Strawberry Lime, and Exotic Mélange which are a range of assorted tisanes. This range of teas are perfect after a meal with some assortments. My favourite among them is the Apple Strudel tea. The buttery taste along with a rich creamy flavour is heavenly.

The green tea range is nothing short of extraordinary. The sweet floral overtones complements the mellow astringency properties thereby infusing the green teas with a light flavour. Consisting of such varieties like- Magical Mint, Honey Limòn, and Oriental Green, each of them have something unique to offer. My favourite is the Magical Mint. As you sip you get a sudden hint of mint along with the mellow flavour of the green tea. The Evergreen Mélange is an assortment of green teas distinguished because of their heady aroma.

For the tea puritans, black tea can never be replaced with anything else.The Hillcart Tales takes the whole range of black teas to another level with their new blends known for their intense flavour, superior fragrance, and mind-blowing aroma. Including such blends like- Darjeeling Muscatel, Imperial Earl Grey, Mystical Assam, Dark Limon, Mango Dolce, Spice Carnival, to name a few.

While there are many tea brands excelling in distinct blends and exquisite taste, what  The Hillcart Tales does is very unique. They have blended in the craft of tea making with art. The packaging is oh so beautiful with the outer cover decorated with hand painted watercolours that have been inspired by 37 generations of renowned traditional artistic lineage. The Hillcart Tales logo also hearkens back to this. The hand painted watercolours on the packaging is a celebration of art that complements the hue of the particular variant of the tea within. That is why you can discern a mellow green for the mint tea, while there is a fabulous burst of colours for the dessert tea range.

This for me, is something so special. I can never get enough of their teas. I find their dessert teas irresistible. Moreover, they are quite economical too, coming in packs of 7s and 14s tea bags and also as 75g and 150g loose tea leaves. The teas are packed in loose muslin bags to retain their freshness. The multi layer packaging is there to make sure that we get the best and fresh variety. Each time I open one of the muslin bag coaster sealed packet, I come across a sweet message inscribed inside each that shows the amount of love and care that goes into each packaging. My morning mostly starts with Oriental Green or Magical Mint and on days when I want to indulge myself I reach for a cup of the Apple Strudel and seem like I’m walking down a quaint street of Vienna.

Teas  can be ordered online, directly from their website . For more information you can visit or 


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