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Food for your New Zealand travels thoughts!

Renewable energy runs the cities of the pretty country of New Zealand. Travelling to and celebrating a country that is close to leaving zero carbon footprint is inspirational and an educational journey to take on back home.  So, make a checklist according to the facts and enjoy a hassle-free time at Kiwis land.

Radio silence those responsibilities:

Streaked with farm animals and sheep, the island country is an amazing retreat for a serene experience. There is no need to be wary of dangerous animals because there are none in New Zealand, which makes trekking and hiking even the trickiest and unmanned parts of the land a risk-free, rewarding experience. 

Landscapes, as swooping and spectacular as one’s imagination can fathom, are a vacation plus to sit back and relax. Be sure to get your holiday privileges under check as the wireless internet services are close to absent, and one should get accustomed to stay off-the-grid during their Kiwi stay.

Renting campers to roam about the land of the Kiwis is the best way to enjoy everything that New Zealand has to offer. Freedom camping when done responsibly, in DOC centres and Holiday Parks, is an amazing way to spend your holiday, with the campgrounds providing provisions to cook food and other basic necessities.

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Daredevils’ paradise down under:

The nation applauded for its bountiful verdure is streaked with national parks so beautiful to behold and free to explore. The birthplace of bungee jumping among others, a 43-metre high bungee jump from the Kawarau Bridge is a lifetime adventure. An abundance of choices for hiking with brilliant trails maintained splendidly by the Department of Conservation, the Tongariro Alpine Crossing is reputed as the best day hike in the world.  Solo and group trekking while tramping at mountain huts, is a Kiwi favourite while ziplining over chasms and skydiving from heart-racing heights rapture daredevils from all around the globe.

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Adventurers paradise is also a land of capricious weather, so prepare to layer up and carry an eclectic collection of clothes that helps with the Southern Hemispheric conditions. Ensure to sanitize your tools and gears for hiking, threading as customs in New Zealand is rather strict and rightly so to protect their enormous number of ecosystems from contamination. Kindly follow the rules and regulations to breeze through your New Zealand holiday.

Exquisite escapade for exploring hearts:

Cuisines of various culture intermingle in New Zealand to create flavourful food combinations that are unique to the island country. Delightful familiar food gets a grand makeover with the nation’s indigenous bounty. Coffee lovers breathe in the goodness of the countrywide incredible flat-white coffee sure to make anyone smile. The delicious tap water sourced from several fresh glaciers around the country is safe and good enough to bottle up for your trip. Alcohol can only be purchased with an international passport and wine is another delicacy one should indulge in at the South Islands.

Probably the most important fact is that the sun shines brighter and without hindrance in this part of the world, so lather up on sunscreen and slap on hats to protect yourself from the harsh sun rays. Beware of the nasty little sandflies that latch onto exposed skin and leaves itchy bites with no remorse. Invest in some good bug spray and baby oil to prevent getting bitten to discomfort. 

Let SPF, breathable cotton, sportswear and Pickyourtrail be your ultimate guide towards an incredible Kiwi journey. Choose Pickyourtrail New Zealand packages and say Kia Koa to fussy travel planning and Kia Ora to a good trip to Kiwiland.



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