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EGOSS expands its portfolio, launches belts and wallets collection

Men like to have the perfect shoes for all the occasions but without belts and wallets their look is incomplete. Egoss – a premium menswear leather shoe brand has expanded their portfolio and launched a brand new belts and wallets collection which are of great quality, affordable and are fashion forward. Egoss has been transforming the face of the Indian footwear industry for all age groups for a span of 13 years. Egoss products are handcrafted with spotless detailing along with the in-depth understanding of design and ever-changing consumer needs. With providing leather shoes at an affordable price, the price of the belts and wallets ranges from Rs 1395 – 1695. The materials used to manufacture these belts have been taken from places such as Mumbai, Kolkata and China to offer the customers the best quality products. The belts and wallets collection by Egoss will soon be available online on its website and in offline stores as well.

Egoss shoes have a pan-India presence with an annual turnover of Rs 46 crores with an investment of approximately Rs 3 crores. They are available in more than 500 stores across India in metro as well as Tier 1 cities. The brand forms a market share of 3 percent in the premium segment. Started in 2005 by Mr. Ravindra Bhatia, Egoss is the pioneer of shoe technology in India. He has been maxing the shoe industry since 1992 and this led to the creation of Egoss. The brand was conceived with the vision to provide affordable fashion and brilliant quality in a box.

Mr. Ravindra Bhatia, in an initiative to bring superior quality leather footwear, introduced Egoss, that aims to provide affordable fashion with uncompromising quality of leather shoes that are delivered across India.With his meticulous and painstaking efforts, Egoss would spread its footprint across 850 stores by the end of 2018. The brand has recently expanded their product portfolio and launched their first Belts and Wallets collection.

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