Does JEE Main twice a year means more pressure?

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So finally we have the National Test Agency (NTA), an agency taking charge of competitive exams like JEE and NEET from the next year, the CBSE shall now be at respite of handling of secondary and higher secondary exams.

The NTA under the guidance of MHRD has introduced major format changes in JEE Main; mainly exam being conducted twice from 2019 and that too in online format only. There is no specific change in JEE Main Syllabus. The decision has been welcomed with education experts, teachers and coaching institutes being highly positive. But thousands of students and parents have raised concerns over mounting pressure of two exams. Let’s look at the effects here.

Two Times A Year – A Matter of Luck

Foreseeing the decision a student friendly change, increases the probability that most of the candidates will take up the exam twice. Everyone will eye the chance of getting the better of two scores. This has paved the opportunity for students to try their luck twice and reduce the chances of dropout. Those planning a drop year to focus solely on competition may do better.  

The change in format will also increase enrollment of engineering students in technical institutions in the states like Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Maharashtra, Telangana and Rajasthan where the situation is worse. Also, the coaching institutes shall make big business for providing training for a longer duration. 

Unnecessary Burden On Students

Although the decision has not received much criticism to this date and most of the students are happy about it, there are several others who are getting concerned over the pressure it will have on them. Two exams would mean two times the stress, not to forget the board exams happening during the same time period. This might lead to unnecessary confusion and panic as students will be required to study twice and cover vast syllabus.

As per psychologists and experts, the stress of having to appear in a national level twice in a year, cannot be understated. To some experts, the continuous preparation and pressure to cope up with the syllabus for five continuous months can be far reaching than predicted. It can cause depression, stress and anxiety over the results on students’ minds, making both efficiency and performance a test of time.

The training institutes have expressed that the changes have been implemented to soon and should have been bought into action in the year 2020. Moreover, parents will also have more expectations as they’ll provide students the chance to appear twice to save them from the loss of a year drop. Ultimately the pressure of expectations on students.

A Bag Of Mixed Reactions

It is clear by now, that the decision to have JEE Main twice a year has evoked mixed reactions among students and parents. Thousands of candidates have expressed their opposing and supporting reactions on social media platform. But the real outcome is yet to be realized whether it will be a change maker or a recipe for more pressure.

Opposing is definitely not the solution. Given the situations, students are adviced to take the decision as an opportunity to perform twice and need not feel burdened. As far as the JEE Main syllabus is concerned a student needs to have sound base of NCERT syllabus which covers the class 12th boards exams as well. Additional preparation will only help students brush up knowledge with no extra pressure of studying.  

The Need Of The Hour

Since no two exams can be same and have different demands, students are required to strategize their studies beginning today itself. Cover topics that are common to both class 12th and JEE Main syllabus to increase retention. Set long term goals and execute study plan to reduce last 3-4 months pressure. 

Engage in regular studies and don’t keep the syllabus hanging for the last moment. Keep ample time for multiple revisions and don’t enter into do and die situation. Stay optimistic and beat stress by following a healthy lifestyle.

The parents on the other hand must keep a check on the stress level of their children by sharing their concerns time to time. They must not stress their child and hold realistic expectations. Have faith on your child and provide them supportive environment. Ultimately, students who learn time management and engage in constructive studies shall do fine.


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