5 Great Places to Study Abroad

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As you plan the next stage of your academic life, you may be thinking of multiple geographical destinations. A degree from a foreign university definitely allows you adventure, exposure to foreign language and culture, high probability of employability, improved salary, and a chance to become a global citizen, but it’s imperative that you find an environment where you can thrive. Here is a list of the top five countries you can choose from to embark on an adventurous journey to realize your dream.

  1. The United States of America (USA) USA has been the most sought-after destination for students across the world. India sends the second biggest contingent of international students to the USA after China. Being the harbinger of quality higher education and pioneer of some famous courses like the MBA, USA is undisputedly the leader in tertiary education. Its colleges have a global reputation for having the best facilities, faculty, and research in the world. As a business major, you might have as your teacher Nobel Laureates or professors who have been consultants to the World Bank or US Treasury. Or if you are majoring in engineering, you could reap the benefits of labs for space research, hydrodynamics, or 3D printing. You will have the best resources available. Almost all the countries in the world recognize US degrees for their excellence.
  2. The United Kingdom (UK) UK is one of the ancient seats of learning and education. Oxford University has been globally recognized as one of the best universities imparting quality education since days of yore. UKʼs reputation and rich legacy of world-class education has made it a hub of cultural exchange, which enriches the experience of international students. UK colleges motivate you to excel in your academics while giving you the opportunity to enjoy a fulfilling social life. One of the most important factors which make it the most desired country after US is the shorter duration of most of the courses as compared to other popular countries. This in turn makes the cost of higher education comparatively economical. International students are allowed to work for almost 20 hours a week, which can enable you to meet your daily expenses and share the cost of education abroad.
  3. Canada Canada is one of the most peaceful and politically stable countries. Canadians are famous for their hospitality, amicability, and accommodating nature. Canadian education is one of the best in the world and its universities are ranked among the top in the North American region. According to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, in 2015, a total of 35,059 Indian students migrated to Canada, which is the second largest contingent after China. There are various specializations programs offered at 200 institutions countrywide. Canada offers a more affordable education compared to other popular destinations, although it hosts some of the most premier institutions with excellent facilities and faculty. Canadian universities offer a unique opportunity of getting absorbed in the North American corporate ecological system. They allow you a means to support yourself during study. Through the study permit, you can involve yourself in part-time work on or off campus during the academic year, and full-time work during academic breaks. When you graduate, you can apply for a work permit to stay and work in the country for some years.
  4. Australia Australia has emerged as one of the leading destinations for students wishing to pursue higher education. Being a nascent host of international students, the country has a richest diversity of students well complemented by its high quality of education. According to the Australian Government Department of Education and Training, there are approximately 12.1% international students in Australia. Like USA and UK, Australia too has a very rigid system of government-controlled accreditation system in place to ensure the best quality of education is maintained. It has eight of the 100 top universities in the world with more than 1100 institutions offering more than 22000 courses. With a plethora of part-time work opportunities available and 20 hours of work per week permissible, you can easily offset your overall cost of education. Australia is emerging as the vanguard of scientific research, technology and innovation. You can certainly benefit from such a rich system of scientific research and technological innovations.
  5. Singapore With its vicinity to other Asian countries, Singapore has evolved as one of the favorite destinations for students of the Asian subcontinent. It has rapidly emerged as one of the leading absorbers of graduates and postgraduates, which makes ita leading importer of international students. It has a very rich multicultural and diverse heritage, which allows international students to settle easily. Singapore has also one of the highest standards of living albeit at a very moderate level of earning. The country is excellently connected with the rest of the world, which has made it the business hub of the world with seamless requirement for professionals. Therefore, earning a degree from Singapore can offer you a very high probability of getting absorbed in its rapidly growing economical ecology. In addition, there are opportunities to win scholarships and the Singapore government can provide aid to eligible international students if they are willing to work with a Singapore registered company for a number of years post graduation.

A degree from a reputed college is the first building block of your career. It influences your social, cultural, and academic excellence. Identifying the appropriate country to study is as important as deciding the college or the degree. So carefully assess all the factors before zeroing on any specific country while keeping your requirements in the foreground.

This article is authored by Ms Vibha Kagzi, Founder and Chief Education Officer, Reachivy.com


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