CHEAT IT ALL- ‘A Young- Eater’s Guide To Good Food And More

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Introducing the newest ‘cheat guide’, written by a very aspirational teenager who strives to create a balance between a health and taste. Cheat it All by Vedant Bahri is a curated guide for all who are looking to enjoy their food while also keeping their waist size in mind. With tips, tricks and easy hacks, this book aims to retain the joy of cooking and good food with a health bent of mend.

 One of the many problems faced by today’s generation is choosing between junk food, what is called ‘comfort food’ and a healthier lifestyle. Interestingly, youngsters today are more health conscious than ever before. However, health comes at a hefty price- sacrifice on the pleasures of one’s favourite food! What if you can enjoy the best of both worlds? Think no more. Cheat It All is made by a teenager for the modern person; the ultimate cheat guide for all those who care about their healthy; but equally about eating some drool-worthy favourites. With more than 75 Cheat recipes of sinful delicacies like the blue cheese burger, spicy hotdog, classic American cheesecake or the Oreo milkshake, you will never have to think twice before you indulge.

Written for everyone who is ready to experiment and try their hand at cooking, this book, with its easy language and simple recipes, is the perfect start.


The Book is divided into the following sections-


EAT- Health On The Go!

 Choosing the healthy way of living is not an easy decision; if you decide to follow it – the right kind of food poses a big challenge. The young author considers himself a foodie but also wishes to remain healthy while despising a quintessential ‘health food’ diet. In the endeavour of making healthy eating a lot more fun, one can discover new interesting concepts such as salads in jars, breakfast on the go and quick to toss mains that simply make healthy life easier! So say bye to your old boring healthy food and open your eyes to a world of healthy, yet delicious foods.


TREAT- Its ok to sin sometimes!

 Burgers, Pizzas and Desserts can be on your table too! All the fast food available with the promise of a 30 minute delivery really makes us lazy and impatient to cook a healthy meal especially if you are dreaming of that burger or pizza. Cheat it All features simple cheats, that will make your food – yummier, healthier and faster. So one can give into that craving without the guil.


INSPIRE- Reflect! Motivate! Energise!

 In today’s day and age, one has started admiring society figures who put health first! Cheat It All features insights from the world of Bollywood, Fitness as well as culinary experts. These inspirational individuals are renowned for the way they balance a healthy life with hectic schedules while managing demanding careers. Actors such as John Abraham, Tiger Shroff, Milind Soman, R Madhavan; Sportspeople such as Mary Kom, Saina Nehwal, Gaganjeet Bhullar as well as chefs like Vikas Khanna, Manish Mehrotra, Saransh Goila and many more, inspire you on choosing the healthier way of eating.

Cheat it All is now available at a book-store near you as well as online.




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