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Bueno Plans to Open 100 more outlets and eyes on second round with $15-20 Million

Bueno (, the premium Sandwich and bakery destination has launched 5 more outlets in Gurugram and Dwarka. This recent growth helps Bueno to take a leadership position in the Sandwiches space in India. With the recent funding, Bueno is going aggressive with its mega expansion spree both in the self-owned and franchisee space.

The modern concept of a sandwich using slices of bread can be traced to the 18th century. However, globally there hasn’t been any brand that  has focused on Sandwiches as a wholesome food unlike Pizzas and Burgers. Bueno, wants to capture the same space and take leadership stance in growing this space. The initiative could be the 1st Indian Food Brands mega story for the west enabling the Make In India Initiative of Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. 

Bueno with a mission to expand its base across Asia plans to open 100 new outlets in the next 1 year and is in talks with major VC firms to raise the next round between $15-20 Million. 

Commenting on this development Rohan Arora, Founder & CEO said “Sandwiches are an amazing market to tap as despite being a versatile meal, they are the least explored segment in the food space and we at Bueno are committed to take this story across the globe. With our freshly baked breads, a  specialized chef team and the passion to serve the world, we are sure Bueno will be a saga that the world will remember.”

Bueno, which started 4 years back has seen ups and downs in the past but a firm belief of Team Bueno has gained enormous popularity in Gurugram in the last 1 year and from a single outlet it has grown to 6 outlet chain now.

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