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Beerosphere: Your gifting wingman to this festive season

As Diwali turns up right around the corner, gifting induced panic attacks will be a common feature. To ease and increase your gifting option, we bring you merchandise to beer and cheer by India’s first and largest beer chain – The Beer Café. An endeavor to add an edge to your beering experience and create a culture around good beer and good conversations, the Beerosphere is a lexicon in itself.

These quirky products will surely bring a zing to your everyday life


  • Playing Cards(Deck)Caskino Royale


     What’s Diwali without card games? All you closet gamblers ace up your game with these      funky playing cards deck from The Beer Café. Choose between these quirkily named            decks.

         What : ‘Ale in or Nothing’, ‘Caskino Royale’ and ‘Drawn with a Pint’

         Where :

         Price : INR 95



  • Bottle Caps Collector


  • If you are a beer lover, you naturally are a crown collector and here is the perfect shell case to display the bottle crowns of your favorite beers. Priced at INR 295 this is the perfect gift for the showoff in your life



         What : Bottle Caps Collector

         Where :

         Price : INR 295



  • Beer Sealed 
    Imagine if your beer could double up as a décor. After your beer is done being a drink use Beer SeaLED, a super bright LED shaped like a cork. It can be recharged using USB and will be very handy the next time lights go out during a party. Who thought beer bottles could be turned into avant garde lighting? it’s A perfect LED for making Diwali, a festival of ‘lights’.



        What : Beer SeaLED

        Where :

        Price :  INR 390



  • The Sonic Beer Foamer
    beer-foamerIt’s an old adage that says a lame party is signified with flat beer. Want to save your party? Do it with the Sonic Beer Foamer, which helps you get that aroma and froth back to your beer with its ultrasonic waves. Just add a spoonful of water on the base and place the beer glass over it. Turn on the device and watch the ultrasonic waves get froth back to the beer, in seconds.



         What :  Sonic Beer Foamer

         Where :

         Price :  INR 3,750



  • Spin Chill
    spin-chill1Ah! Probably the best invention for beer lovers after bottle openers. SpinChill gets warm drinks cold in 60 seconds. Get the party started fast: Just clip the beer bottle on it, stick it in the ice, and spin it for a minute.



         What :  Spin Chill

         Where :

         Price :  INR 2,990

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