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Diwali is around the corner ! That means food, fun, gifts, festivities, cards and ofcourse the super famous parties hosted by you ! Now while your friends raise one ….errrr…or many… toasts ( and then some more) to the best host in town while raising the the roof you have got to capture the moments. As the night wears off the photographs and selfies begin to get crazier and crazier and all of them are sure to last a lifetime on social media ! Well ! The third hour in the party and 10 shots in a row can be exhausting … especially in the pics ! Because it will translate into an epic hangover the next day. So this year add a pocket sized Morning Fresh – The zero carb, zero fat and natural alcohol detox drink [read: saviour] into those goodie bags to help you detox all those toxins, keep you healthy and make sure you wake up looking fresh and ready for those morning after selfies..and the ones the day after and after and after ! And yes…the party friends will talk about it even more because they remember the evening !

*Morning Fresh is a safe and natural alcohol detox drink that helps reduce hangovers and protect the liver. It comes in three delicious flavours – Cola, Strawberry and now Mint. The light-weight and compact bottles of 60 ml can easily slip in a small purse or a coat pocket. Just make sure that Morning Fresh is the last shot of the night and bid farewell to fatigued morning afters. Wake up beautifully…fresh and ready to take on your day or night…and add another party on the list ! #StayFresh #Diwali #Party

Place your orders now for two weekend packs and get a deck of our hand-illustrated cards complimentary OR just buy these beautiful cards at Rs.150 to spice up your taash game.

What: Morning Fresh Weekend Pack

When: October 17, 2016

Cost: 300/-

Where :

Pre order only !


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