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Pluss Advanced Technologies Pvt. Ltd (PLUSS®) is a specialist in the field of Phase Change Materials (PCM) and Specialty Polymers. Pluss has pioneered PCM technology in India and is presently the only company in India with a wide range of indigenously manufactured PCMs with several patents.

In cold chain temperature is of prime importance because it ensures that the product is protected in and integrity is maintained until the last mile, particularly medicines. Poor temperature control can cause major quality and productivity problems. Although highly desirable, it is often difficult to control temperature.

To cater to issues related to temperature control in storage and transportation of various items like life saving medicines, fresh fruits, ice creams, frozen foods, meat, poultry, sea foods or any other product that is best stored and transported in frozen, chilled or specified temperature state, Pluss Advanced Technologies offers its phase change material technology based solution known as PronGO®.

PronGO® is a versatile product in 3 to 50 liters’ capacity, which can operate without electrical supply in a temperature range of frozen (-23°C to -10°C) as well as chilled (2°C to 8 °C) range. Based on the type of ‘Phase Changing Material (PCM), it helps store and carry food, medicines, fresh fruits, Ice cream or beverages at the right temperature protecting its quality and integrity. Products sensitive to temperatures that were previously considered impossible to be carried without traditional refrigeration can be now moved effortlessly and with ease.

Mr Vishnu Sasidharan, Vice President – New product Initiatives, Pluss Advanced Technologies says, “There has been an increased awareness and demand for temperature controlled transport solution among customers and businesses. There is a need to reduce spoilage and protect integrity of products such as F&B, pharmaceuticals, dairy etc occurring due to lack of cold chain infrastructure and poor power availability. Hence, PronGO® was launched with the objective to enable more and more ‘PRoducts ON the GO’ with passive cooling”

PronGO® combines advanced Phase Change Materials technology with special thermally insulating materials to offer robust carriage options with temperature control. PronGO® is designed to operate in the chilled to frozen range and providing customers’ with greater flexibility for carrying temperature sensitive products.

“Pluss plans to develop a range of products over the next one year in the B2B and B2C segment. Pluss is open to strategic alliances and partnership in this endeavour to offer solution for the betterment and empowerment of people and businesses.” added Mr Samit Jain, Managing Director, Pluss Advanced Technologies.

PronGO® consumer products are available currently on Amazon and Flipkart. The use of PronGO® bags is really simple and demonstration videos and instructions are available on following links –





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