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3 Months Fastrack Tips to Ace JEE Mains

The countdown for the first leg of JEE Main 2019 has begun. With just 3 months left for the exam, candidates have started getting nervous and confused. Although JEE Main is an exam which requires a lot of preparation over a longer period of time, these last 3 months can be the real make or break time for you. If you utilize this time perfectly, you can surely get a rank which will be much higher than what you expected. But if you don’t use them properly, things can backfire too.

So now you know that these 3 months are important, but what actually can you do to get the best of 3 months. Well, we know that there might be tons of plans coming into your mind, or you might just be blank about this. So to help you, we are sharing the best fast-track tips for these last 3 months, which can help you achieve your dream of getting into a top IIT or NIT. Also, we are assuming that you have put a decent amount of time (at least 3 months) already in preparing for JEE Main. So let us take you through the tips which can help you to crack this wonderful exam, take a look: –

Stay away from the irrelevant material

It’s just 3 months and you surely can’t afford to waste your time. Therefore, it is of supreme importance that you keep yourself away from irrelevant or too tough questions. Yes, there will be some people recommending them and there will be some students solving them too, but it is surely not necessary. Rather, focus on exam-level questions, the kind of which you can actually expect in JEE Main 2019.

But the question is that how can I know which book is relevant or not. Well, there are a lot of articles available on the topic ‘JEE Main Best Books’ which will give you to get an exhaustive list of books to be used. Just don’t go beyond them. Remember, you do not need to solve Ph.D. level questions on any topic.

Practice a lot, but with a timer

Again, it is high time, and if you are not speedy in your calculations and problem-solving methods, you are going to suffer. Therefore, you don’t just need to practice a lot, but such a practice has to be done with a timer ticking on you.

The exam has 90 questions to be done in 180 minutes. Now this will be a mixture of theoretical and calculation-based questions, plus some of the questions will be too tough. So taking that in mind, even if you can solve a calculation based question in around 150-180 seconds, you can actually get a very good rank. So keeping this in mind, you can start practicing with the needed speed, and no one will be able to stop you from cracking this exam.

Take the benefit of Test Series

Everyone knows that Mock Tests are a very important part of your preparation for JEE Main 2019. If you haven’t started taking mock tests yet, you should start now. And if you have started it already, you can increase your frequency of taking the tests.

Along with appearing for such multiple tests, you should do a proper analysis of these two. You can devote 5-6 hours in solving the whole paper, along with a proper identification where you are going wrong and what your strengths are. Such analysis will help you to have a better plan and mind-set for the actual exam.

Revise your notes

With such a huge syllabus, the good revision becomes a significant aspect of preparation. We hope that you have created notebooks which include all important formulae and things to remember. In these 3 months, try to go through all important notes at least 3-4 times.

As there are a lot of questions which are directly based on some theory, revising such chapters become very important. So don’t mind giving some good time to revision too.

Set Weekly Targets/Plans

It is smarter to go with strict plans and targets for these 3 months, on weekly basis. Also, an important thing to be remembered while making such plans is that you should prioritize the important chapters first. So chapters like Mechanics, Electro Dynamics, Modern Physics, Integral calculus, Co-ordinate Geometry should be on top of your list for the first 1-2 weeks.

Further, it is important that you actually stick to your plans. So be honest and loyal to yourself and your plans, then only you can get a good score.

Be Consistent

Again, this should already be known to you, but we are still mentioning it to let you remind that you do not have any time to waste. These 3 months, avoid all travel plans, a lot of TV/movies or Netflix, and you can even decrease hanging out with friends.

It might not seem that big, but these 3 months can define your life. Therefore, be consistent and devoted. Wake up early, study more and avoid distractions. You’ll surely land up in a great college one day.


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