Zyxel launches premium VPN firewall to safeguard multi-site, growing businesses

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Keeping business data safe can be tough enough for just one location, but as businesses grow, the complexity of keeping data secure multiplies. Today Zyxel Communications introduced the USG2200-VPN, a premium VPN firewall to offer businesses an end-to-end solution to centrally build and manage secured communications between multiple sites/offices.

Designed for medium-sized businesses with multiple locations, the USG2200-VPN is integrated with VPN concentrator technology to handle large quantities of VPN connections (up to 3000 VPN tunnels) between branch offices, partner offices, telecommuters, BYODs in offices, and employees on the move with an extra layer of data and network security.

Supporting a diverse range of VPN connections (IPSec/SSL/L2TP over IPSec) also means the USG2200-VPN can easily connect with a majority of devices in the workplace or at home without hassle, ensuring both business mobility and communication security. Both incoming and outgoing communications are protected by the latest SHA-2 encryption, which makes business information assets harder to crack.

Managing multi-site communications can involve a string of repetitive, time-consuming work. With the help of Zyxel Cloud CNM SecuManager Software, businesses will be able to centralize and unify the security management of all Zyxel security appliances deployed around the world from one interface.

For growing businesses, network security cannot afford to stop. The USG2200-VPN features a “plan B” design to keep it running 24/7.The multilayer HA Pro design spans across hardware, connectivity, and VPN service, including hot-swappable power and fan modules; multi-WAN load-balancing/failover; and VPN High Availability to ensure nearly zero service downtime with backup plans always ready.

We’ve established a rich portfolio of security appliances known for small- to medium-sized businesses,” commented Nathan Yen, AVP of Zyxel Commercial Gateway Business Center. “However as the businesses keep growing, network security needs to scale up and catch up the pace. This is where the USG2200-VPN comes in – it’s the key to completing our end-to-end, multi-site security solution and it’s paving our way, as well as our customers, into a higher end market.”

Find out more about USG2200-VPN, please visit: http://www.zyxel.com/products_services/usg2200_vpn.shtml?t=p


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