White House Petition to Declare Pakistan ‘A Terrorism Sponsor State’ gets massive support

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A petition on the official website of the White House to declare Pakistan as a state sponsor has managed to reach its goal of 100,000 signatures in a week. Created on Wednesday (September 21), just days after the terror attack on an army base in Uri (Jammu and Kashmir).

Indian-Americans petition in the White house to declare Pakistan “A Terrorism Sponsor State” received more than expected response. The petition was uploaded on the official white house website and it already has crossed more than 1,23,000 signs in juts one week. Whereas the petition needs to get at least 1,00,000 signs in four weeks to be considered by the Obama Administration.

“This petition is important to the people of United States of America, India and many other countries which are continuously affected by Pakistan sponsored terrorism,” the petition said

The online petition was created on September 21. Congressman Ted Poe, Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Terrorism, along with Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, introduced the Pakistan State Sponsor of Terrorism Designation Act in the House of Representatives.

“It is time we stopped paying Pakistan for its betrayal and designate it for what it is: a state sponsor of terrorism”Poe said


Harsh Vardhan

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