Whisky Cocktail Recipes to Woo Your Date this Valentine’s Day

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Because the Liquid Sunshine promises to add some extra spark and chemistry to your romantic valentine date nights we bring to you your soon to be favourite Whisky Cocktail recipes for your forever.

GRANT’S BLOOD AND SAND WHISKY COCKTAIL – So we all know the best thing about winters, Orange and Whisky. This cocktail is surely going to be your and your partner’s favourite drink for the romantic winter nights


50ml Grant’s Family Reserve

50ml Orange Juice

45ml Sweet Vermouth


Add Whisky, Orange Juice and sweet vermouth to a shaker.

Add in a spoon of juice from the Maraschino cherry jar.

Strain and garnish with a Maraschino cherry.

Key to your drink: https://grantswhisky.com/en/our-cocktails/grants-blood-and-sand/

GRANT’S ROB ROY WHISKY COCKTAIL – Don’t chase anything but Cocktails and Dreams. Woo your partner’s taste buds with the relishing flavour of your favourite cocktail .


50ml Grant’s Family Reserve

15ml Sweet Vermouth

1-4 Dash (es) of Bitters


Add whisky, vermouth and bitters to a mixing glass.

Add ice and stir.

Strain and garnish with a maraschino cherry.

Key to your drink: https://www.grantswhisky.com/en/our-cocktails/grants-rob-roy/\

GRANT’S GINGER WHISKY COCKTAIL – Here we are for all our old school love birds with there would be favorite cocktail drink for the season. Give your LOVE a twist and enjoy this all-time favorite whiskey cocktail.


50ml Grant’s Family Reserve

150ml Ginger Ale

1/2 Lime


Add the whisky into an ice filled glass.

Top with ginger ale, and squeeze half a lime.

Garnish with lime wedge.

Key to your drink- https://www.grantswhisky.com/index.php/en/our-cocktails/grants/


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