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girl sits in depression on floor near the wall

Suffering From Depression ? No More A Disease To Hide

Depression (major depressive disorder or clinical depression) is a common but serious mood disorder.These days people often suffer from depression or mood swings especially people who have work load on them and there is nothing bad in it  or something unusual. It is a common disease which is curable .depression-self-portraits-photography-edward-honaker-6                                                                                         

People often think that going to the psychiatrist will term them as “mad” but it is not the truth.  They basically need medication to cope up with the things they actually fear. If we suffer from fever we take medicines to cure it then why not for depression. These days people just avoid accepting that they are suffering from depression. This should not be the case and taking counselling will infact make u stronger and a better human being, so y not go for it. There are different kinds of depression a person comes across,so anyone of u who suffers from it do go to the doctor. There is nothing to hide. Don’t risk your health  just for the sake of constantly being judged by the people. You are educated enough.Do consult the doctor. I hope this will motivate u enough.


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