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Oye Happy – Amazing Gifts for Amazing People in Your Life

Gifts are special tokens of appreciation for the people you love, respect, and appreciate in your life. I have so many loved ones that a simple thank you is not enough for them. Using Amazon and Flipkart seems reasonable but there is nothing personal in those gifts. It’s the personal touch that makes the gift so precious to another person. I was looking for quite some time for a home place or someone who could provide me good quality personalized gifts at affordable prices.

And then I found

At first glance, it seemed like any other gift portal. But then I browsed through the site thoroughly. And they have such a large variety of gifts with proper categories for good navigation. I just loved it. There are so many options that make each gift perfect for particular people in my life.

One of the best categories is e-gifts. Naah, they are not coupons or scratch cards rather they kind of certificates like e-certificate for planting a tree. These are perfect for your loved ones who are nature lovers where you can get a tree planted on his name with a certificate. 24-hour virtual surprise, naming a star on your loved one’s name, and more are just amazing deals in terms of gifts.

Next what I excited me after looking on the portal was a personalized radio show. Yes, you heard it right. It is not a collection of songs that you dedicate to someone but a whole radio show fully personalized for the person. Man, it is so amazing and so cool and with a personal touch, it can surely become the highlight of your friend’s birthday. And the price is really minimal.

Personalized hampers are really cool for anniversaries where you can select and customize each and every element of the hamper making it super personal and bringing a smile to your loved ones and they have even options for instant delivery for people who want to surprise their loved ones in quick time.

Normally they take around 5 to 8 days for delivery and being a regular user of their services, I tell you, the quality is super good. There is no quality issue in the product or any hassle in delivery. The colors were as good as they seemed on my phone.

If you are a working individual, as I am, and want to make your close ones happy with a surprise gift, this site is just like a boon. The whole designing of gifts is not my forte and it won’t look so good by my hands while they have professionals who work on your ideas and make the gifts appealing. So, I totally recommend OyeHappy for gifts for your close ones on any occasion.

They have made it easier for me to keep my close ones happy and to make them know that I love and respect them immensely.


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