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New Era of Advertising has become user friendly

Mobile app makers have always had an uneasy relationship with ads. Mobile marketing has come a long way from its rather simple beginnings. Despite being different methods used by advertisers, it seems as if mobile ads are only to benefit advertisers and marketers leaving behind the user comfortability and convenience. It was when the advertisers have started bringing advance technologies which tries to fill the gap and serve the purposes of publishers, users, and advertisers.

One of the biggest milestone has been the rise of the reward video ad format which used aggressively for gaming apps. This format actually  incentivizes users to proactively interact with branded content during natural ‘breaks’ between gaming sessions, such as the completion of a level or when the player loses a life. As per the reports, in-app mobile ad spend reached about $45 Bn, up $11 Bn from the previous year. As long as rewarded videos continue to provide a strong value proposition to all 3 parties they will constitute a significant slice of this multi-billion dollar pie.  There are few leading platforms who are bridging the gap and making advertising user friendly.

POKKTPOKKT is one such smartphone advertising platform that specializes in in-app video ads and uses this reward method where users of a gaming app, for instance, can allow either get hints how to progress to the next level or get an extra life by watching an ad. This innovative approach elevates the engagement between a brand and its consumers, leading to better ad performance and higher returns on investment. The recent results delivered by POKKT for leading brands such as Boost and Patanjali are indicative of how such in-game branding can enable superior performance for digital brand campaigns. Given the popularity of mobile-based gaming in the region, as well the success that innovative in-game ads are garnering, the writing on the wall seems clear: when it comes to digital advertising for brands in South East Asian markets, it is definitely game on!

Inmobi – InMobi is a global mobile advertising and discovery platform that reaches over 1.5 billion unique mobile devices worldwide. The platform enables consumers to discover new products and services by providing contextual, relevant, and curated recommendations on mobile apps and devices.

AerServ – Inventory and audience management technology firm AerServ is looking to help mobile publishers and advertisers embrace the higher engagement rates of native advertising with a new ad platform called AerNative, offering in-app mobile video and banner ads. Publishers and app developers can use AerServ’s new mobile native platform to customise and serve mobile native ads within mobile apps or on websites.

AdColony – AdColony is a premium video advertising network, which provides advertisers and brands with an engaged and responsive audience and offers monetization solutions to publishers and developers. The company incorporates unique technology into its solutions, particularly the proprietary-based Instant-Play  HD video ads

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