Meet & Greet With Tom Cruise

Meet & Greet With Tom Cruise


I am a big fan of Tom Cruise . When I heard he is coming to Mumbai for the premier of his movie Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol I was very excited . Paramount Studios which was distributing the movie in India had Organised a contest where Fans can participate and can meet ,greet and  watch movie movie one month  before the movie release.The Contest was to dress up like Ethan Hunt as seen in the movie poster.


Ofcourse i am not looking like him but luckily I was One Of the winner of the contest. I was like ” I am going to meet Tom Cruise , The Biggest Super Star Of the world”.

I live in Pune , I had to travel to Mumbai to meet him .After reaching Mumbai first thing i did was to go to salon to look fresh as Mumbai has very humid climate then i took a can to IMAX Wadala where the event was taking place.

After waiting for nearly 45 mins Tom Cruise arrived and it was my dream come true moment for me.

I got picture with him and also an autograph.


As a person Tom Cruise is very down to earth and he keeps smiling . He clicked picture with everyone present there and gave autograph . He is really a superstar and a great person.

Next day , I saw my photos on some of the national newspaper with TomCruise. Here is the link

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