Look out Stargirl! Hindi twist on ‘Starboy’ takes Indian Girl Power to a whole new galaxy!

by Harsh Vardhan Posted on

British Indian singer and “Girl Power” sensation Avina has created an innovative modern classic with her Hindi twist to the already stellar track Starboy by the Weeknd ft, Daft Punk.

 Avina’s interpretation – StarGirl‘ – infuses bold, feminist lyrics not usually heard in Hindi songs with a vintage sexy vocal and performance. “Stargirl is all about female empowerment,” says Avina, “channeling the inner star within ourselves and being a strong independent woman who can achieve anything in life!’

The London-based performer Avina collaborates with the well-known Mumbai based Bollywood vocalist and music producer Earl Edgar (URL Productions) with a fresh new fusion sound signaling the start of an exciting new journey ahead. She dedicates this song to all the independent women out there and adds ‘this is the first of many exciting music projects coming up this year. There will be some big surprises too!’





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